Cookies for the Governor

In the midst of a full plate: a full cookie order schedule, full sink of dirty dishes, full hamper of dirty clothes, and living room FULL of toys for the 121,000th time in one day (how do 11 month-old’s even do that much damage?!)what should you do when you’re asked to make cookies for the Governor?

You say yes! And then do your cleaning later -maybe. 

It was a privilege to be asked to attend a private event hosted by the DeSoto County Chamber of Commerce where Florida Governor Rick Scott would be the guest of honor today. Since my husband serves as a Chamber Board Member, I was invited to come along…only with cookies of course! In addition to providing a couple of platters for guests to enjoy during the event, I was requested to make something special for the Governor and his staff to take with them.

I wanted to make something that said “welcome” and make an opportunity to brag about our community. What better way is there to show some of our Southern hospitality off with fresh home baked cookies?! You know, butter and sugar have never let me down nor has it allowed the numbers on my bathroom scale to go down either but I digress.

Along with the platter I included a note of thanks for his recent approval of House Bill No. 1233 that has raised the sales cap for cottage food businesses like mine going $15,000.00 per year to $50,000.00 per year! That’s huge for our family! It allows us to expand and continue growing our little cookie business so that we can afford the luxury of me working from home. The bill also will allow online marketing and payments that only continue to benefit my business efforts in the future. 

More important than the opportunity to say thank you was the moment that I could spend bragging to him about our community. From my note that explained what these cookies represented, here is a small snippet of what I wrote:

“These cookies represent a small part of the heritage and happenings of our community. With agriculture at our roots, we proudly support our local ranchers and farmers along with the benefits they  provide us. In March of 2017, we hosted the final Arcadia All-Florida Championship Rodeo that will be held in our current arena, it was the 89th Annual Rodeo! We look forward to making new memories in our new arena being built. Last but not least, I wanted to celebrate the recent accomplishments of our Youth Baseball All-Star teams who are headed to State this summer! This is just a small portion of the great things happening for our youth in DeSoto County. We have our struggles and hardships like most rural areas do, but at the heart of our community passion and hope reside.  We know how to come together and work together in times of need to make a difference…”

There’s so much more I would’ve like been able to brag about, but I wouldn’t want to ruin his dieting plan with all the cookies it would take me to adequately describe the values and good things about my hometown! In a world where it’s so easy to find and pick on the things that are going wrong, it’s nice to focus on what’s going right for a change.

So here he is, Governor Rick Scott holding his very first platter of Southern Meets Mennonite Cookies! 

We appreciated your visit to Arcadia today Governor Scott and thank you for showing interest in our community. We hope this meeting you arranged to speak to our business leaders about local issues and future economic development will spark a positive action for the future of our county! 

Enjoy your cookies! 

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Mother’s Day Cookie Bouquet Giveaway – Celebrating Our Best Mom Moments Photo Entry

May is here already!? Y’all…we are soon about to be halfway through 2017 already! Seriously, where does time go? May is a busy month for most it seems; at least in my community it goes this way. There are proms, graduations, end of the year banquets, awards, parties, and we can not forget about a very special holiday that’s thrown there in between: Mother’s Day.

This month is going to be full of some pretty cool surprises here at Southern Meets Mennonite. Since this year will be my very fist official Mother’s Day, I wanted to have a little fun and celebrate all the women who have given life and love to us from well, day one!

So without further ado I bring you:


Here’s the deal –> I’m going to be giving away a Mother’s Day Cookie Bouquet in exchange for your submission of your best “mom moment” story and photo.

Need logistics? No worries, I have you covered…

How do I enter the contest?

At the bottom of this post, you will find my Rafflecopter giveaway entry form. There will be 4 sections you’ll need to complete and follow directions for. The first three are easy – you’ll visit & like my Facebook page, join my email list, and give me a few words of feedback on the blog. Then, the last section will contain instructions for submitting photos and stories. Be sure to fill in and check any boxes so your entry counts!

Say what?! You want me to send you photos?

Yes! As I mentioned above, I’m looking for your best “mom moment” story and photo. You can tell us about your own mom moment or a share a story about your own mother (or a mother-like figure in your life.) The whole week prior Mother’s Day, I’ll be sharing these photos and stories on the blog to celebrate moms!

What exactly is a “Mom Moment”?

I’m wanting you to submit photos of your “Best Mom Moments” while being sure to add a caption to tell your story. You can make our hearts melt with your warmest, proudest moment OR make us laugh until it hurts with your funniest, “I can’t believe my child just said/did this” moment!

What if I don’t have a picture of that “Moment”?

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so please, please still include these! Even if you don’t have a picture of the “moment”, send in a picture of you with your children (or you with your mother if it applies).

Can I share a moment from my own childhood instead?

Sure! Submit that photo and story instead and you can still enter this giveaway!

What if I’m not a mother, can I still enter this giveaway?

If you are not a mother you ABSOLUTELY CAN enter this giveaway! Submit your photo and story telling us why you have the greatest mom (or mother-like figure) in the world as you share a special story of a “mom moment” from a different point of view. Make it funny or make it sentimental, any way you want it!

How in the world do I send you my photo and story?

Easy! Send all photos and stories to -In the last section of the giveaway checklist below, make sure you type “done” so I know to look for your email!

What am I winning again?

If you win my random drawing, you will receive one of my personalized Mother’s Day Cookie Bouquets for yourself or for someone else! If you are local, we will arrange a pick-up or delivery. If you are not local, I will ship you your cookies and your mug!


Can I go ahead and order a Mother’s Day Cookie Bouquet just in case I don’t win?

Yes! If you are local and live in or near the 34266 area, I am taking orders for this bouquet until Monday, May 8th, 2017 at midnight! You will need to pick up your bouquet in the Arcadia area, Friday May 12th from 12-6pm. Payment is due at time of pickup. To order, please email me at  with the full name of the person you are ordering this for and I will send back a confirmation including my location information. Bouquets are $30.00 for one and $25.00 for two or more. If you place a pre-order but win this contest, you will not be obligated to pay for your order! Please note, I can not accept online payments or ship any paid orders of cookies at this time since I am considered a Cottage Food Operation. All transactions will need to occur locally, face-to-face. 


Good luck to all who enter! Let’s have fun while we celebrate what I consider one of the Highest callings there is: Motherhood.

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness. She carefully watches everything in her household and suffers nothing from laziness.Her children stand and bless her. Her husband praises her.“There are many virtuous and capable women in the world, but you surpass them all!” Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last;but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised. Reward her for all she has done. Let her deeds publicly declare her praise.” Proverbs 31:25-31.

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Birthdays That Last a Week & Cookies That Look Too Good to Eat

This week I celebrated my 26th birthday on Tuesday. I was given a choice by Weldon that I could open up one gift every day this week, or open all my gifts on my birthday. I chose to spread them out and open one every day this week. So we’ve been enjoying a little birthday cheer every night and I’m loving it!

I have to admit, it definitely brought back the magic of having birthdays this time. Not only that but it made us slow down and enjoy the little moments life brings, like birthday surprises. I am thinking that this week-long birthday might be a new tradition that our family will keep!

In addition to spreading out birthday cheer, I was a busy bee in the kitchen for several days filling my very first Valentine’s Day Cookie Orders!

Cookie decorating is a fairly new hobby for me. I think I’m so obsessed because it combines food and creativity. I’ve been wanting to get started taking orders for some time now, but wasn’t exactly sure how or where to start. So after a little brainstorming sesh with my best business advisor (Weldon), we came up with a plan!

Valentine’s Day was a perfect place to start. Every one is looking for gifts and usually those gifts involve some type of sweets. I wanted to create a set that would be versatile for everyone -not too romantic in case it was for a friend but still showing the spirit of the holiday. I made up my samples, posted them on Facebook and ended up with 12 orders!

72 cookies later I’d say my first cookie-venture was a success! I am already planning and looking forward to the next holiday to offer gift sets.

I’m a dreamer and an idea generator but sometimes that means I’m a starter and never a finisher. This project was a chance for me to START. I’ve been dreaming about cookies for a while and saying many times how I was going to do it. Well, you’ll never get anywhere if you don’t start!

Do you have something you’ve been dreaming about lately but haven’t had the chance, the inspiration, or the discipline to dive in and get it started? Even if it’s as simple as taking the time to enjoy your birthday for a whole week or as elaborate as writing that business plan that’s going to let you leave your 9-5 desk job…I encourage you to START today and do something!!

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